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Sarah Kreimer came to Israel in 1980 to contribute to the still-young country. Her adventure turned into a passionate commitment to building an inclusive Israel, and a rich life in a land of dreams and harsh realities — a life of marriage, motherhood, community networks, breakthrough achievements, and profound losses.

Vision and Division in Israel is a flowing, eloquent memoir of political activism haunted by uncertainty in a dangerous zone of our world — and a sage account of what Israelis and Palestinians might do to transform their lives and their destinies.

“An amazing and critically important book that tells the immensely complex story of life in Israel over the last four decades through the eyes of a person immersed in working for important social, economic and political change. Sarah Kreimer raises the toughest issues of the future, weaves them in and out of a real life of economic development work, personal love and loss, motherhood, and the kind of reflection that most of us do too little of.”
—Ruth W. Messinger, American Jewish World Service

“In this beautifully written, emotionally compelling work, Kreimer models how a Jew can be a passionate critic of Israel while remaining a passionate lover of Israel. Sarah Kreimer and I will likely never vote for the same Israeli party, nor will we agree on how to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict or which side deserves the greater blame for the absence of peace. But what unites us is no less important than what divides us. We both want a just and decent Israel. Her story needs to be heard with respect by Jews who disagree with her — especially by Jews who disagree with her.”
—Yossi Klein Halevi, author and Senior Fellow, Shalom Hartman Institute

“A values-driven activist, Kreimer brought to the conflict arena her unique approach — a bridge of dialogues over an ocean of hostilities. Her dedication and initiatives made her the recipient of the 2002 Award of the Speaker of the Knesset for Contributing to the Quality of Life in Israel. Vision and Division should be read by all who refuse to lose hope.”
—Avraham Burg, former Speaker of the Israeli Knesset

“A fascinating read, written by an expert who has lived many years on the seam-line between the peoples in Israel, and beyond that, in the Middle East. Engrossing and stirring, her book is a must for those who care about Jewish-Arab relations in Israel.”
—Judge Muhamad Massarwa, former Consul General of Israel to the Southeast United States

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