Image of The Hate Assassin by Irma Alexander

The Hate Assassin by Irma Alexander


243 pages

Published by Blue Thread Books, an imprint of Jewish Currents magazine.

On the very day that notorious Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann is executed in Israel, Howard Copeland, a young husband and father in upstate New York, a man with no enemies in the world, is shot dead in his home. The local police question everyone in the neighborhood - and unearth all kinds of strange behavior on this tree-lined street - but the case goes cold until investigations of World War II war criminals who are resident in the United States get underway years later.

Irma Alexander has written a gripping novel of family trauma, police investigation, and courtroom drama, rooted in the unfathomable horrors of the Holocaust. Her book speaks to the continuity of hate from generation to generation, and the courage of those who seek to root it out.

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