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KIND poems by Gretchen Primack

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Gretchen Primack, coordinator of our Raynes Poetry Competition, has produced a moving collection of 40 poems about animals and human consciousness that are designed to "snap the blinds in the house/ of you." 72 pages. Illustrated with beautiful drawings by Susan Siegel.

"If it is true that one knows oneself best by observing how one treats others then this book of poems by Gretchen Primack is essential reading. Read these poems for the truth they tell about our relationship to and treatment of the creatures we take to be our property; read this book and ponder its many questions, for example, 'Who are the beasts?' and 'What can I do?'"--Kazim Ali

I'm sorry, steer, for every velvet stack
of pastrami, every burger, the chipped
beef that lay its creamed shoulder on toast.

Birds, I'm sorry for every nugget of you
I bit, every chunk in its crisp salt coat
I dipped in sauce, for dividing
your bodies into "light" and "dark."

I relished you on my tongue, in my
teeth, pushing down my throat and then
churning warm, year after meal

after year. I loved you about to be
served, about to become me, rich
hell, and I'm sorry. You melted
your plush juice into my mouth

and that was my jaw working on
your body, working you into mine