JEWDAYO, the Daybook

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Did you know that Marcel Marceau, the world’s most famous mime, began to practice his art to help silence Jewish children he was escorting to safety in Nazi-occupied France?

Did you know that five Jews were among the eleven activists tried for treason with Nelson Mandela?

Did you know that Gertude Elion, winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, was a school teacher, unable to find a job in industry because of sex discrimination?

Did you know that Louis Armstrong, the pioneer of jazz, wore a Jewish star throughout his life to honor the New Orleans family that bought him his first cornet?

You’ll know all of this, and much, much more, once you start using this marvelous day book to keep track of your own important dates. JEWDAYO lists an event and inspiring quotation from progressive Jewish history for every day of the year.

270 illustrated pages, indexed, with ample room for your notes.

Created by Jewish Currents editor Lawrence Bush.