Image of Child of the 20th Century: Growing up Jewish in Holland...

Child of the 20th Century: Growing up Jewish in Holland...


$19.95 softcover. A Blue Thread Book.

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For nine decades Abbie Lipschutz has been a fighter, lover, writer, dilettant musician and classical music commentator. He is a clinically happy soul who possesses Offensive Charm and Unjustified Arrogance, qualities that have served him well over the years. He was a kibbutznik in Palestine in the early 1940s, a veteran of the Dutch Prinses Irene Brigade in World War II, and a volunteer in Israel’s War of Independence. He made a living for half a century as a diamond dealer throughout the American South. Child of the 20th Century is the memoir filled with the sights, sounds, scents, songs and surprises of a progressive life well lived.

“Lipschutz is part prankster, part subversive . . . the purpose of his endeavor is to remember that Jews ‘have not just been victims, but also freedom fighters, the avant-garde of the Enlightenment, progressive movements and revolutions.’ . . . Thanks, Abbie Lipschutz, for giving us this act of creation.”
—Aaron Howard, Houston Jewish Herald Voice