Image of A Testament for Ariela by Miriam Lipschutz Yevick

A Testament for Ariela by Miriam Lipschutz Yevick


$19.95. A Blue Thread Book.

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Miriam Lipschutz Yevick began writing letters to her two-month-old granddaughter, Ariela, in 1985, and continued right through to Ariela’s wedding in 2006 and her motherhood in 2008. In sharing her thoughts, her values, her self-awareness, and her rapturous relationship with art and with nature, Yevick reveals the inner life of a woman of science, of passion, and of deep philosophical insight. A Testament to Ariela is a testament about the trials of being a child refugee from Nazi-occupied Holland and Belgium; about the thrill and sacrifice of becoming the fifth woman in history to earn a Ph.D. in mathematics from MIT; about the soulfulness of being a spiritually sensitive socialist and a highly cultured human being.

“A piercing, poignant celebration of life in all its complexity — and of the importance of memory.”
—Louisa Gilder, author, The Age of Entanglement: When Quantum Physics Was Reborn